Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Butterflies totebag #2 !

This bag is totally upcycled/recycled!

The fabric on the outside used to be a pillowcover until an unfortunate accident involving first a cat and then the washing machine.

The inside lining is from a vintage pillowcover.

The handles are reclamed from an old totebag that fell apart.

The bottom insert is made from a pair of old twill pants!

Yvette and Yolande!



Yvette and Yolande together!

I made these two up from one pair of socks in bright yellow,black,orange and fuschia. I love the socks;but they would not fit my long feet!

I added yarn hair (long and curly/wavy like my own!),big,fuschia felt lips and black and yellow button eyes.

I can only tell them apart because Yvette is a tiny bit taller than her sister!

Oliver and Olivia Owl!

This is Olivia Owl. She has a flower shaped belly button!

This is Oliver Owl.He has a little round belly button!

Oliver nd Olivia all made up and ready to go!

Oliver and Olivia in progress. They don't have wings or ears yet in this picture and things are just pinned on.