Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OK-still knitting!Now it is about as long as I am tall(5'6")so 6 more inches to go!Since I can't show any images of it yet,I want to show off one of my raccoons.This is the same one in my avatar.He is the father of 6 by two mums.Yes-my raccoons are polygamists.The cool thing about this photo that may not be obvious is that I did not take it through a window or screen.I literally sat in the open doorway talking to him!They are all very tame.When they have tiffs my husband or I will tell them to behave and that they must share and they will stop and pretend to listen to us.I can even go out and sit on the deck in the midst of them and feed them and talk to them.I can't tell you what it is like to look into the eyes of a usually wild animal and see reflected there such trust-they know that I love them and would never hurt them.They would actually like us to pet them and let them move in.I have never petted them because I don't want a human smell to be on them and possibly cause them trouble and my husband and I want them to somehow understand that not all humans are like us-they need to be careful.We think they do realise we are special.And,yes,they have tried many times to come in the house including following me in the front door when I come home from work!


Monday, July 28, 2008

my knitting project.

So this is my first attempt at blogging!As I write this I am also busy knittng a 6' long table runner which will be for sale on my shop- louisiana1966.etsy.com- when it's done.I thought about keeping it,but I have 3 rather poorly behaved cats who would all think I made it just for them and there would be arguments and claws getting caught in the stitches and I would just end up having to take it away.(In case you haven't guessed,I've been down this road before!).I 'm going to knit matching placemats,too.They are/will be made of a dark green acrylic yarn double knit with a multicoloured yarn called Mexicana in a mix of blues,purple,yellow,red,orange and more green.Anyway,the knitting is very heavy and hot and my husband wants the computer!