Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So,I am thinking that I need to give Titus and Tiffany eyelids-like the owls have??

What do you think?

New homes!!

Stephanie-who went to live with her namesake!
Paul-who went to his new home during the latest TradenStay event on Etsy!

Scream1 and Scream2-who went to live with my friend,Tammy from my work.

Zoe-who went to live with my sister for her birthday (the big 40!)

Glenda-who also went off to her new home during the latest TradenStay event on Etsy!
All of these sockdolls have found new homes!!
Just a few left without permanent homes :(
At least,until I make some more! :D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

$5.00 sale AND 10%off!

All sorts of things are on sale for $5.00 or less in my Etsy shop right now!

AND with the code "2010winterdeal" you can get 10% off on top of that!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cream coloured crewelwork bags!

The tote!
The clutch!
A friend at work gave me this beautiful vintage material-winterwhite crewelwork.
I was able to make up a fabulous totebag and some clutches with it!
The clutches are lined with vintage fabric cut from old pillowcovers and even have vintage snaps sewn on for closures!

Pillows posted!!

RobesPierre the Plush Robot
Blue Damask Pillows
These pillows are featured on !
They segue very nicely into some beautiful jewelry pieces by
All part of the CAPS -Christian Artists Promoting Shops team on Etsy. Be sure to check out the blog and all the wonderful shops that are part of this team!
Thank-you,Christie Cottage!
God Bless!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trade-aholics $5.00 and under Sale!

The Etsy Trade-aholics Team will be having a $5.00 and under sale the 25th-31st of January!
Most of US(the shop owners)have merchandise to sell for $5.00 or less and I KNOW most of YOU (our buyers) will be happy to snag great deals on handmade items and supplies for so cheap!
So be sure to check out the shops during this fab sale!Look for the tag Trade-5 to help you find the deals.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More quilt fabrics!

More quilting fabrics!

These I already sewed up into quilt fronts!
I especially like the pink-orange-yellow combo,but I think the blue/green combo will be perfect for a boy,don't you?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quilt Fabrics found!

Here are some pics of some of the fabrics I am using to make quilts.
The pink and green are going to be a quilt with another,light pink fabric( that I don't have yet) as the back.
The red and green are only part of that quilt.I am going to look for a blue and a yellow solid fabrics to go with them and then I will use a white for the back.
Neither of these is going to be my bed quilt,though!I was going through my stash and found these!
What do you think?Will they be pretty?

Monday, January 4, 2010

My quilting challenge!

I have decided to make a quilt for our bed this year.
This is quite an undertaking for me as I do not really have the patience to cut out pieces of fabric,rearrange them and sew them back together;then add batting and backing and binding!Whew!
Why this is so tedious for me when I can crochet or knit for hours on end without getting bored or frustrated,I do not know!I could knit or crochet a bedspread no problem!
I am making a quilt instead because I have 3 cats and my beautiful Bates bedspread(if you are from Maine you know what a Bates is!) is much the worse from wear due to their claws.
I really admire quilters and hope anyone out there who quilts will offer advice as I undertake this new venture!
Pics will soon follow!