Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Everything changes eventually.Sometimes,when you are in the midst of that change and you can't see the end it seems like a bad thing,but I have found it almost always works out.
I am no longer the Assistant Director of my food pantry-and I am not going to be there for awhile.I don't deny that it makes me sad,but I have just such a sense of peace about it and strong feeling that it will all work out in the end.It was not through wrongdoing on my part,but an inability to continue to work with the Director and unwillingness to defend actions on his part that I did not see as defensible against the volunteers as a whole.I sided with my team too many times!

I know that I am a very trusting person and continue to believe in the inate good in people who are often times not inately good.Being turned on as I have been,and not defended in turn,is not easy to deal with.I will never understand it.A good friend once warned me that I have to stop believing people are good when they are not.Even my pastor once told me that I seemed to have being innocent as a dove downpat but not the cautious as a serpent part!

I can look back on the whole awful incident with the fellow at my work who had become obsessed with me and forced me to have to be transferred to a different location for my safety(!) with a little-no,a lot-less anger now because it worked out for me.Now I am in a location much closer to home,I like very much all the people I work with(well,almost all)and they like me and even if I get moved again I have made new friends.So,even though it was not handled well or properly by my HR dept,it has all worked out to my benefit!I really believe this newest situation will,too!

I am now knitting boxes!Pictures will follow.